A journey to a crafter's life

Hello! My name is Arlyn, I grew up in the Philippines and now living in Upstate New York, with a loving and supportive husband and my best friend Precious,(Maltese Dog). I was born a crafter, love animals and gardening. I found that New York is my second home where I can raise animals and make crafts.

Back in my memory lane, I used to make doll house furniture with clay, and make clothes for our dolls with matching jewelry as well. I loved doing it, and my playmates always adored all my creations, its so fascinating how it brought joy and happiness to them. And how happy I felt when I knew I made someone happy in a very simple way. As I grew up my heart always wants to make something Special, crafts from my heart. I finished my Degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English Minor in Home Economics.

when I moved here in New York, It was a big transition for me, not just a culture shock but also the weather...Brrrrr its so cold here! My skin gets dryer and dryer, and so itchy and the doctor said I have eczema...oh great! Tried different products, branded soaps, you name it! Im so ashamed going out in public with patches of red on my neck, forehead and arms...The battle continued till I decided I need to make all natural unscented goat milk soap. I got my goat milk from a farm owned by a friend. My skin started to clear up, although eczema is a life long skin condition, I know that I need to take care of myself. I have been making soaps since 2010. After a year using it, I start giving to my friends and family, after they tried my soaps, they ask why I'm not selling them. I was not sure if I really want to sell them, since my purpose is just for myself and for my family. But with some family and friends pushing me to sell them, then I gave it a try. Selling here and there and " Rundell Farm Soaps" was born. And I have a business right? I need a partner! And I got a partner, their names are Hazel & Grace. They are very sweet and loving nubian goats. At first I separated them from our other farm animals but now they are happily grassing together with our natural colored Merino sheep. (Which we sell their wool and fleece as well).

My love in making crafts keep coming back, getting deeper and deeper, I started out using my sewing machine, the machine that my husband gave me on my first christmas in New York...From 1 simple singer machine to 3 different kinds of machines from serger to embroidery machine...my addiction to crafting was getting deeper and deeper as my studio felt like it was getting smaller and smaller. I made some bags, pocketbooks, wallets, pillow cases, quilts, embroidery, jewelry and more. And "TwistedBobbin " was born... I tried to open shop for Rundell Farm Soaps and shop for TwistedBobbin, and I realized its too much for me to maintain 2 shops here in zibbet. I spent more time maintaining my shop than making my items...so I opened a shop for all my creations. And so "Arlyn's Creations" was born. Where you can still shop for my soaps, candles,pillow cases and more.

I will continue my story as I travel on my journey as a crafter.

Truly yours,
Owner, Designer and Soap Maker

Soaps, Candles, Accessories And Merino Fleece

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